Kingston Kids Playgroup

Kingston Kids Playgroup meets in the Waldock Hall every  Tuesday morning from 10 am – 12 noon during the school term.  We belong to the ACT Playgroups Association and are therefore part of a network of 2,000 families across the ACT.

Playgroup is welcoming, accepting and appreciates the diversity of others.  Many of our families are new to Canberra.

We value parenting and aim to provide a safe, supportive environment for children to play and for parents/carers to form friendships. We are well equipped to run a program that offers free play, craft activities, story/music time and the occasional “special” activity e.g. Teddy Bears Picnic.

In addition to joining the ACT Playgroup Association (an annual fee), Playgroup members bring $2 per family each visit to help cover costs.

For more information about Kingston Kids, contact Sandra Trimble at the contact us page here.