Youth Group

The CBC Youth are a group where youth can have fun, make friendships, learn and experience God’s love in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our hope is that youth can be a part of a group where they can be themselves at all times and develop qualities such as self-confidence, compassion, respect and responsibility. We hope that all youth have a sense of belonging and acceptance in the group as we strive to create real and caring relationships.

Meet the Youth Leader

Emma Berresford

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m the youth leader at Canberra Baptist Church. I was born and raised in Canberra, but have lived in lots of different places all around the world. I have been apart of the Church for the last 4 years, with this year being my first as youth group leader. I attended the youth group throughout this time and am loving the transition from participant to leader!  I am currently studying medical science at the Australian National University, and hope to go on and become a doctor in the future. I love to play Frisbee, listen to music, travel, and watch movies! My favourite youth group activity is the Amazing Race. Fun Facts about me: I  can tie a lolly snake in a knot, in my mouth, in under ten seconds and I know the first 56 elements on the periodic table! To find out more about our youth group, contact me here.

Our Programs

Find out more about the Canberra Baptist Youth Group has to offer.

Youth Group

It is a chance for youth to meet with one another, play games, chat and have FUN!!! We do a variety of different activities such as Mystery dinners, Water Nights and Amazing Races. All youth from Year 7 and up are welcome.

Youth Group meets every 2nd Friday night from 7:30pm-10pm during term.

Sunday School

Youth meet during part of the 10:30 Sunday morning service to explore the Bible. They gather in the ‘youth room’ to support one another and explore faith issues. This is a supportive group where youth can grow in their relationship with God.

Sunday School meets every Sunday Morning from 10:30am during term. 

Leadership Program

The youth are teaming up with the primary aged kids at Canberra Baptist Church to explore the Bible together. Our leadership program gives youth an opportunity to develop their skills as a leader in a supportive environment. The youth will lead or co-lead a small group of children in their Sunday morning activities. This is a great way to build relationships and make a difference in the church community.

Connecting with the Community

We are committed to making a difference in our local community as well helping raise funds for overseas aid. Throughout the year we engage with many different organisations to help out our global community:

  • Forty Days of Water for the Blood Water Mission
  • Live Below the Line for the Oak Tree Foundation
  • Drawtism for Autism Australia
  • Morling Lodge Service
  • 40 Hour Famine for World Vision

For more information about youth activities at Canberra Baptist, please contact Emma by emailing