John Morrison – 25 June 2017

Back in November, we participated in the 2016 National Church Life Survey. 122 youth/adult surveys and 17 child surveys (8-14yrs old) were submitted. Results are now out and they provide data and feedback that will be very useful as we evaluate and strategise. Here is just a sample of interesting information from the youth/adult surveys.

58% female and 42% male.

The average age of people is 60 years.

It was 56 in 2006, 57 in 2009, 61 in 2011.

78% were born in Aust. & 23% overseas. 10% speak a language other than English at home. By comparison, 15% of our local neighbourhood (2km radius) were born in non-English speaking countries according to the 2011 National Census.

Here’s what respondents value about our church. (They could tick 3 of 13.)
61% our wider community care/justice.
45% sermons, preaching or teaching.
37% practical care in times of need.
32% openness to social/cultural diversity.

Over 25 years of research, NCLS has identified 9 core qualities of church vitality. Here is our “Circle of Strengths”. Each quality has a score from 1 to 10, 5 being the average of all participating Australian churches.

Service – 8.1
Vision – 6.6
Leadershsip culture – 4.8
Innovation – 4.8
Worship – 4.4
Belonging – 3.3
Faith sharing – 2.8
Inclusion – 2.5
Faith – 2.4 

Here are preferred priorities (could tick 3 of 14) for this year.
43% worship services that are nurturing.
40% supporting social action and aid.
37% sense of community.
30% ministry to children and youth.
29% clear vision of the future.

% who started attending in the previous 5 years has been dropping – 35 (2006), 25 (2009), 17 (2000) 12 (2016).

% who always/usually experience inspiration during services has jumped to 62% from a plateau of 52%.

88% agree leaders take into account the ideas of people to a great or some extent.

Care needs to be exercised in interpreting these summary figures as there is a lot else to unpack. That’s why we have 2 workshops today at 10.30am and 12.00. These are also an important part of the input phase of our current review and planning process. We encourage your participation today and in the other special events planned as part of the review.

John Morrison