Ministerial Vacancy

Canberra Baptist Church ministry team member

December 2016


Our church community seeks a person with a sense of call to full time or part time ministry at Canberra Baptist Church. We are keen to call a person who will understand and appreciate the ethos and theological emphasis of Canberra Baptist Church.

The congregation has identified priorities for a person to fill this role as preaching, interpreting the faith, pastoral care and enabling social action.

We seek a person who is able to relate warmly to people inside and outside the church, lead in worship that engages the whole congregation and challenge us through their preaching. Along with pastoral care skills across all ages we are looking for somebody who engages with youth and young adults.

We seek a person to join the ministry team as a team member who will work collegially with the team leader, ministry team, diaconate and congregation. We want somebody who will encourage the church to think, pray and act in new ways, building on its rich heritage and values. We seek a person who will help equip the congregation for involvement in ministry, pastoral care and outreach. We desire a person who will encourage and challenge the congregation in their spiritual journey.


As a member of the ministry team:

  1. Preach nurture and interpret the faith
    1. Preach on a regular basis as agreed with the team leader
    2. Encourage and facilitate spiritual development/formation, for example, through teaching and bible study
    3. Participate in leading worship
  2. Provide pastoral care and build the Canberra Baptist Church community with a particular (though not exclusive) emphasis on youth and young adults
    1. Nurture and build a caring, friendly fellowship at Canberra Baptist Church
    2. Engage in visitation and support
    3. Sustain, strengthen and be actively involved in the Canberra Baptist Church community
  3. Engage with the broader community
    1. Encourage and support Canberra Baptist Church in outreach activities
    2. Encourage and support Canberra Baptist Church to engage in social justice issues and social action
    3. Help Canberra Baptist Church provide a strong Christian voice

You can find a profile of the church below. 

If you still have questions you can talk to Paul Falconer (ph 0409034779) 

If you are interested in the position, please send a short CV and a two page letter explaining how you fit the profile of the person we are looking for to

Applications close on Friday 17 March 2017.

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