Our Story

Formed in 1929 Canberra Baptist Church was the first Baptist church in the ACT. Over the years the mission of the church has been to build a vibrant and open community which is responsive to God’s love in Christ and committed to serving God and people.

Our life as a worshipping community strives to be shaped by the following goals:

  • Assist individuals in their Christian formation
  • Provide meaningful worship to cater for diverse needs
  • Encourage young people to become committed to Christ and active participants in the life of the Church
  • Engage in Christian outreach
  • Provide human and financial resources for the alleviation of need locally, nationally and internationally
  • Be good stewards of our church resources and plan for the future
  • Provide a strong Christian voice on social issues locally, nationally and internationally
  • Build a culture of care and provide mutual pastoral care and support in the Church community
  • Be committed to the wider church, develop ecumenical relationships and explore inter-faith relationships

Support families with children in their spiritual growth and participation in the life of the church