What’s on this week

For further information on any event, please contact the church office on 02 6295 9470


Monday       11.00 am Tai Chi, Waldock Hall
                       6.00pm. Yoga, Waldock Hall
Tuesday       10.00 am Kingston Kids Playgroup, McMaster Lounge
                       10.30 am Kingston Babies, Waldock Hall
                         8.00 pm Women’s Bookclub
Wednesday    8.30 am Prayer Group in the Church
                         11.00 am Cooking Circles – Turkey, Minted Pea & Ricotta
                                     Meatballs, followed by Pear & Chocolate Crumble. 
                         12.30 am Cooking Circles Lunch – Cost $5 per person.
                                          RSVP to community@canbap.org by Tuesday
                          7:00pm Northside Bible Study Group, Kaleen
Thursday        10.15 am Women’s Bible Study, McMaster Lounge
                          11.00 am YMCA Exercise Class, Waldock Hall
Friday Morning  Gardening
                             12.00 pm Crafty Fingers, Waldock Hall
                             7:00pm Youth Group – Come dressed in PJ’s and it’s
                                                      Chilli Con Carne to warm us up. $5.
Sunday         9:00am & 10:30am Worship – Guests: Rev Dr Anne and
                                      Rev Dr Richard Mallaby
                      10:30am Creche & Sunday School